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Pursuant to the provisions of Article 6 III 1 of the law n ° 2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, we inform you that:

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  • the publishing director of the website is Olivia Teulier in his capacity as Marketing Manager France;
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General conditions of use


Users may only avail of the services they are offered on the Website (defined hereunder) subject to the acceptance of these conditions. The user of the Website acknowledges having read the present conditions of use and agrees to abide by them. The user acknowledges having the necessary skills and means to access and use the Website


The present notice is intended to determine the conditions of use of the Website accessible at (hereinafter the "Website"), which is supplemented by the Privacy Policy.

The Website offers free services, including the Careers tab giving access to job advertisements open within the Newell group. The simple consultation of the Website is open to any user. The use of services is reserved for users who open an account on our Website (hereinafter the "Account")

Opening an account

To open an account and become a member (hereinafter the "Member"), the user must provide his email address. He must also choose a password and a user name that, when opening his Account, will be displayed in the right-hand column of the Website.

Each Member undertakes to provide identification information that is true, accurate, and complete, and corresponds to his, and to maintain and update it regularly.

In case of loss of the user name and / or password, the member may inform MAPA thereof by email, in order for this information to be provided to him again by email.

Parents allowing their minor child to register on the Website are required, as legal representatives, to control its use of the Website and the access that it may have to various Services and / or content available. Therefore, parents or legal guardians (i) are responsible for compliance with all provisions of these terms of use and (ii) acknowledge their responsibility, particularly due to the general accessibility of the website, to remain vigilant about the use of the Site by minors under their responsibility. We recommend that parents or legal guardians read the following guidelines for child protection on the Internet: It is however specified that only users aged over 18 can apply via the "Careers" tab of the Website.

Each Member undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of its password. The liability of MAPA can not be invoked in case of disclosure by the user of its password including as a result of negligence on its part. Each member is free to disable his account at any time. The account will be disabled immediately.

Description of services

The services made available to Website users are provided free of charge (hereafter the « Services »). They enable any user to:

  • access the various websites of the companies in the Newell group;
  • apply via the ''Careers'' tab for the employment offers available in the Newell group.

The Services are for the personal use of users and any use for commercial purposes is forbidden.

Members' behaviour

Each Member shall use the Internet responsibly with respect and courtesy for the rights of other users of the Site.

Thus, each Member undertakes to respect the Moderation Charter and in particular not to publish contributions including:

  • content infringing third party rights particularly with regard to intellectual property rights, image rights and privacy;
  • attacks or insinuations based on race, beliefs or lack thereof, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation;
  • insults, harassments, serious unproven or manifestly inaccurate statements about people or organisations;
  • advertising or commercial messages that have not obtained written authorisation from MAPA;
  • obscene, pornographic or harassing language;
  • content contrary to good morals in general;
  • defamatory content;
  • disclosure of personal data such as addresses or telephone numbers;
  • a virus, or programs of any kind, which may cause damage to the Site, Site users or their property;
  • a hyperlink of which the destination could lead to the liability of MAPA;
  • a picture in which a trademark or a person is recognisable and where prior permission has not been obtained;
  • a message that is not relevant to the content of the Website.


All Contributions posted about the Services are subject to moderation afterwards, where the Website moderator only checks them after they appear online. The role of the moderators is to ensure that members comply with the Moderation Charter, and to rule out contributions that are harmful or violate respect for others or affect the quality of exchanges.

MAPA retains the right with withdraw any Contribution without notice that does not comply with the present conditions of use and/or capable of infringing the rights of third parties or of MAPA.

Any user may report to MAPA about any Contribution that does not respect these rules by writing to the following email address:


MAPA reserves the right to set up links on the Website giving access to Web pages other than those on its Website. Users are informed that the websites they can access via the links do not belong to MAPA. MAPA declines all liability for the content of information provided on these websites following activation of the link. The establishment of a link towards this website without the express consent of MAPA is prohibited. The Website editor shall not be responsible for access by users through links on the Site to other resources on the Internet.

Editor's liability

MAPA makes every effort to offer users available information and / or tools but can not be held liable for errors, lack of availability of information and / or the presence of viruses. The information provided by MAPA does not absolve the user from further, personalised analysis. MAPA can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of information available on the Site. Consequently, the user admits using this information under his exclusive responsibility.

In addition, ABPM can not be liable:

  • for the quality of the service, as the service is proposed ''as is'';
  • for disturbance in the use of the site;
  • for the impossibility to use the Website;
  • for violations of IT security that may cause damage to computer materials and data of users;
  • for the infringement of users' rights in a general manner.


  1. User's liability

The user undertakes to use the services of the Website and all information to which he may have access only for personal reasons and with a purpose compliant with public order, morality and the rights of others.

The user acknowledges having verified that the computer configuration used contains no viruses and is in perfect working condition. The user agrees not to disturb the use of the Website by other site users and not to access restricted parts of the Website. to which access is restricted. The user agrees not to commit any act that could jeopardise MAPA's or other users' IT security. The user agrees not to disturb or interrupt the normal operation of the Website. The user agrees not to commit any act for commercial, political or advertising purposes and any form of commercial solicitation, including the sending of unsolicited email. The user agrees not to collect, use or process any personal data of other users. The user agrees to indemnify MAPA in case of complaint, action, prosecution, conviction of the latter resulting from non-compliance with the conditions of use by the user.

MAPA does not control the accuracy of the information posted by Members. MAPA can therefore under no circumstances be held liable and gives no warranty, express or implied, regarding the information posted by Members.

However, if the Member transmits or disseminates on the Website information that is unlawful or contrary to these conditions of use and the Moderation Charter, as soon as the moderators have knowledge of same MAPA retains the right to remove such content without notice or compensation, without prejudice as to any other rights that MAPA may invoke.

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise specified and except for information posted by Members, the intellectual property rights on the documents and any data of any kind contained on the Website and each of the components of the site (images, graphics, sound, text, graphic items, ...), including software, databases and newsletters are the exclusive property of MAPA. These conditions of use shall not entail any assignment of any kind of intellectual property rights on the elements belonging to MAPA for the benefit of the user. Any total or partial representation of the Website by any company whatsoever without the express authorisation of MAPA, is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code. This also applies for the databases on the Website, which are protected by the provisions of the law dated 1 July 1998 implementing the EU Directive dated 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of data bases into the Intellectual Property Code.

MAPA's and its affiliated companies and partners' trademarks and logos appearing on the Website are filed, protected trademarks (semi-figurative or not). Any use in any manner whatsoever of these trademarks and / or logos of the Website without the express authorisation of MAPA and if any of its affiliated companies and partners is prohibited by Article L.713-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Data Protection

Under the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the member has a right to access, correct and delete or oppose the information that they supply during registration or subsequently. These rights can be exercised in accordance with the provisions in the Privacy Policy.

MAPA collects and processes personal data of members in connection with the use of the Website and its Services. The provisions concerning the processing of such data are described in the Privacy Policy of the Website that Members are invited to read carefully. The personal data that MAPA collects is processed, recorded and stored in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act.

Inception - Duration

These conditions of use are effective as of the date they are put online and are valid for the duration of use of the Website by the user and until new terms supersede these. MAPA reserves the right to modify all or part of the conditions of use of the Website in order to adapt them to changes in its operations and / or changes in legislation. The user can at any time stop using the services and the website but remains responsible for any prior use.

Applicable law & jurisdiction

These conditions of use are governed by French law. This applies for substantive rules as to the rules of form. Any dispute arising from the application of these conditions of use shall be subject to the jurisdiction of French courts.

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you in a complete and transparent manner about the use of your data by Newell. We invite you to read the provisions thereof carefully. Terms beginning with a capital letter are defined in the legal notice.

Collected data

Access and management of Services provided by Newell on the Website require the management of information that you send us. Newell collects and processes personal information you provide especially when you are applying via the "Careers" tab on the site (username, email address, password) to access or use the various Services offered on the Website.

Also when browsing the pages of the Website, your login data (including the IP address or the connection login) is collected via cookies. To learn more, visit our special information page ''Cookies'' here.

The data we collect on the Website is collected and processed in accordance with the provisions of the legislation for the protection of personal data.

Use of your data

The personal information collected from the Website is exclusively processed by Newell (and sub-contractors acting on its behalf) and its authorised partners to:

  • register your account and access the Services offered by the Site;
  • carry out statistical studies;
  • comply with legislation in force.

The personal data that Newell collects is processed, recorded and stored for the duration necessary for the provision of Services that meet the purposes described above. Your data will not be transferred outside the European Union.

Protection of your data

Newell takes all necessary precautions to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal data that is processed and to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or that unauthorised parties have access thereto.

All personal information you provide us is stored on our secure servers or those of our technical partners.

The password that allows you to use certain Services is intended to protect your personal data. You are responsible for keeping this password confidential. We ask you to never share or disclose your password to anyone.

Sharing of your data

Personal information is intended for Newell. Newell will not share your personal data with third parties without your prior consent.

It is specified that Newell may if necessary use a technology provider for the provision of the Services. This provider, acting on behalf and for the account of Newell, will be required to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data and will not have the right to use your data for their own purposes.

Exceptionally, Newell may nevertheless be required to disclose your data at the request of administrative or judicial authorities in accordance with legislation in force.

Your rights

Your data is collected and processed by Newell in its capacity as the party responsible for said processing. In accordance with the Law No. 78-17 dated 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and human rights, you have a right of access, rectification and opposition regarding your personal data, of which the processing was subject to a prior declaration to the CNIL.

These rights may be exercised either directly by altering your Account or by contacting Newell by mail at 420 rue d'Estienne d'Orves 92705 COLOMBES, or by e-mail to


Cookies Policy

Welcome to the MAPA Spontex website.

When you visit our website, information about the browsing pattern of your device (pc, laptop etc.) on our site may be captured by cookie files installed on your device, subject to any choice that you may have expressed about cookies, a choice that you have the right to change at any time.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file placed on your hard drive by the server of the website you are visiting. It contains certain data, including:

  • the name of the server which wrote it;
  • usually a unique identifying number;
  • possibly an expiry date.

This information is stored on your computer in a simple text file which a server accesses to read and download the information.

How are the cookies on this site used?

The MAPA Spontex website uses cookies to gather anonymous information about your search and browsing activities on the site (pages visited, date and time of the visit etc. which the website can read on your subsequent visits). These cookies are used by Newell to :

  • facilitate your navigation on the site, by allowing information captured during your last visit to your account to be shown automatically;
  • measure user numbers for our website. We use Google Analytics to enable us to carry out statistical research on the use of the site (number of visits, length of stay etc.);
  • improve the value of your online experience and make it easier, by remembering the way you used the various elements of our site, including the pages and content visited, browsing patterns etc.

Cookies are never used to collect your personal information.
When you connect to our site, we may, subject to your choices, install cookies on your device, allowing us to recognise the browser and the type of device for up to thirteen (13) months maximum.

Your choices about cookies

There are several ways that you can accept or refuse cookies.

  • You can accept cookies by continuing to browse our site or by configuring your software so that they are downloaded onto your device. Cookies from pages and content which you have visited can then be stored temporarily in a dedicated space in your device where they are readable only by the server which issued them.
  • You can also configure your browsing software so that third party cookies http are rejected, using the deactivation procedures for each browser, as listed below:

Management of cookies

Each browser has a different configuration for the management of cookies and setting your chosen parameters. A description in your browser's help menu will enable you to know how to modify your choices in respect of cookies :

You are free to change your mind about accepting cookies at any time and without charge, using the options offered to you by your web browsing software.