Join our market-leading, human-sized company

Well-known all over the world, we are n°1 Home Care Leader in Europe with brand awareness amounting to 97% and an expert in hand protection recognized in the Professional Equipment area. 

An united international company

With our 2,330 employees in 21 countries (in the United States, Europe, South America and Asia) and 10 factories, we are developing an international organization to match the local needs of our markets and maximize the potential of our brands. Mapa Spontex, part of the Commercial Business Unit of Newell Group, represents major brands sold on every continent and touches consumers in their everyday life at home and at work. The group is managed from France with brand leaders within their own markets. Close relationships between management in Paris and local subsidiaries are essential for us to ensure our group unity.

A human-sized company

All these characteristics provide us with a unique position in our market: we are a market-leading company, but we also are human-sized. For our employees, this means that we have the financial solidity of an international group, and the processes and communications of a SMB. Our international presence offers multiple career and mobility opportunities between our brands. At the same time, we have short hierarchy chains and favor simple and direct relations with each other with face-to-face meetings when possible. We also ensure that our middle managers and executives benefit from onboarding workshops in Paris.

Be welcome in our international family

Team spirit is one of our values, along with audacity, diversity, responsiveness, listening and trust.

A trustworthy environment

This special DNA is carried by our top management, expressed in Group internal communications and initiatives, and shared by all our subsidiaries and factories. At Mapa Spontex, jobs are demanding but solidarity between people creates a trustworthy environment in which our employees feel safe to evolve, and make sure business creates success.

A strong team spirit is our DNA

We illustrate this team spirit through the day-to-day experience of our people and many events and meetings of Mapa Spontex’ employees around the world. We care about our people, whether they are new or older in the company and endeavor to spread positive messages throughout the whole group. That includes equality, corporate social responsibility, and diversity.

What’s more, we have a specific Mapa Spontex attitude: positive, respectful, always smiling. We focus on good moods and have consideration for people. We are very proud of our community.

Be inspired to broaden your future

Development opportunities

We said earlier that jobs at Mapa Spontex are demanding but that thanks to local management and simpler professional relationships, we can move forward together day after day in a climate of trust. Our priority is to encourage every staff member’s personal and professional development. We transform business constraints and demands into development opportunities. 

A powerful experience based on autonomy and the freedom

We want every one of our employees to see his or her job at Mapa Spontex as a powerful experience. A powerful experience based on autonomy and the freedom to propose new ideas and evolve, as a group and as a talent. On the one hand, transmission is very important to us: there is no difference between longer term and freshly arrived employees, they all share their knowledge with each other and create a positive work atmosphere. On the other hand, we make sure that people who are strong-willed can enjoy a long career at Mapa Spontex, and not necessarily in the same country.

The opportunity to evolve in the group

Concretely, we give everyone the opportunity to evolve in the group, either in your own job - with more responsibilities and new missions - or in another job or brand in the group. Offering a career that matches your skills is a goal we all share. At the earliest opportunity, we offer our staff career prospects through internal promotion that encourages empowerment and an entrepreneurial spirit to the Group’s benefit. All you have to do is seize the opportunity. Our talent review program will do the rest.

Play an active role in our future success stories

Mapa Spontex represents more than 80 years of know-how and innovation.

An innovative market

Today, we are the N°1 Reusable Gloves manufacturer and the main cellulose producer in the world. We have a strong track record and we are working towards the next stage of our history thanks to our resilient business model. With 60 people dedicated to R&D, we bring innovations to the market on a continuous basis and our products have an expert-level reputation.

We are proud of our history and confident in our future

But beyond launching new products, Mapa Spontex has a protective role. Since every act counts, we make sure that our actions, decisions and innovations are focused on protecting our staff, the people who use our products, and nature through our “Protective Actions”. This scheme focuses on continuous improvement to develop a more responsible procurement process and a better environmental and social impact, supported by concrete actions with specific targets set for 2025.

Today, Mapa Spontex is more than a success story. Thanks to our strong products, strong vision and exceptional employees, we are proud of our history and confident in our future, to which we hope you will contribute.