At Mapa Spontex, we all have a part to play in protecting our surroundings.

We firmly believe that all our efforts, no matter how big or small, once combined and multiplied, will have a positive impact.

Because every action matters, we are proactively doing our bit to ensure that any step we take contributes towards taking care of our teams, the people that use our products as well as the environment.

Our initiative focuses on continuous improvement to develop a more responsible sourcing, reduced environmental impact and improved social standards, supported by concrete actions with specific objectives set for 2025.


"Manufacturing everyday products on an international scale is a huge responsibility and we must do our part to protect our surroundings. Since every effort matters, we make sure that our actions are focused on protecting our users, our teams and nature. Today, we commit to going even further by adopting a process of continuous improvement: 'Our Caring Actions'.”

Bertrand Genuyt
Mapa Spontex President & CEO


Learn about our caring actions

Our caring actions for our teams

Our caring role starts with the people around us. We pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of our teams, by upholding a culture of caring and openness within our company every day.

Our caring actions for our users

As a leader and a pioneer in our field, our industrial and technical know-how keeps us constantly on the lookout for more efficient and innovative alternatives, to allow us to increase our expertise every day while meeting the needs and expectations of our users.

Our caring actions for the environment

For our caring actions to have meaning tomorrow, we’re working to reduce our environmental footprint, to adopt a more sustainable approach upstream and downstream and to protect our resources.


Mapa-Spontex is part of Newell Brands. The "Our Caring Actions" initiative, although specific to our businesses, is part of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

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