Our caring actions for our teams

Our caring role starts with the people around us. We pay particular attention to the safety and well-being of our teams, by upholding a culture of caring and openness within our company every day.


In our factories, safety is our top priority. All our teams are trained in the safety challenges related to their jobs and wear the appropriate protective equipment. 5 of our factories are now ISO 45001 certified (occupational health and safety management), which ensures that an action plan is in place to protect the health and safety of our teams. We also have a strict ethical policy on human rights and combatting corruption. Our factories in high risk areas also comply with the requirements of BSCI and SEDEX  which audit them every year.


We welcome initiative from every single employee. Whatever their rank, our teams at all our sites are invited to share their ideas !

With a presence in 19 countries and on 4 continents, our diverse teams are a reflection of local culture. In each country, we guarantee social conditions that exceed local requirements. 34% of strategic roles within our group are held by women*, and we are committed to ensuring equal pay for all our employees (*2023 figures ).


Solidarity is in our DNA. We partner with local NGO’s and our teams are proud to take part in local actions to help the communities around them. For example, each year, our teams at our various sites take part in environmental or solidarity awareness programs, such as Clean Up sessions to pick up waste and protect the local ecosystem.


We also work hand in hand with our suppliers. We share a demanding code of conduct with them that includes environmental, social and ethical criteria to ensure that there is no forced labor, corruption or child labor.... All our subcontractors are committed to our code of conduct and all those in high-risk areas are audited annually.

2025 Objectives

ISO 45001 certification for our 10 industrial sites.

Increased efforts to reduce our work-related incident rate by 40% over 5 years.

No gender stereotypes in our internal & external communications.
Development plans for everyone.

100% of our new suppliers committed to our code of conduct.

Our caring actions for our users

As a leader and a pioneer in our field, our industrial and technical know-how keeps us constantly on the lookout for more efficient and innovative alternatives, to allow us to increase our expertise every day while meeting the needs and expectations of our users.


We are committed to the idea that our products must constantly improve in terms of resistance, durability and effectiveness. Our team of 60 Research and Development experts has made this their priority. We have our own laboratories to perform usability tests under real conditions and to take our innovations even further.


We aim to provide the highest level of safety with raw materials, semi-finished and finished products that are compliant with our Mapa Spontex quality policy and are traceable, monitored and tested. 
Where necessary, products are subjected to strict and reassuring standards and certifications, and all undergo a series of exclusive tests to ensure safety and comfort during use.


We have long-standing and recognized industrial know how: we have been manufacturing cellulose for our sponges since 1932, and latex for our gloves since 1957! Our production sites are ISO 9001 or BRC certified, which ensures consistent product quality. We also maintain a high level of quality for outsourced products, through regular audits of our suppliers.

2025 Objectives

We continuously improve our know-how, from design to marketing, with a focus on the needs of our users.

Dermatological tests are carried out on 100% of the new materials used in our products that come into prolonged contact with the skin.

Our caring actions for the environment

For our caring actions to have meaning tomorrow, we’re working to reduce our environmental footprint, to adopt a more sustainable approach upstream and downstream and to protect our resources.


We carried out Life Cycle Analyses (LCA) to identify where our main environmental impacts lay. This enabled us to develop an eco-design grid, including good practices to be applied throughout the product's & packaging life cycle: raw materials, production, life span, end of life.

We’ve also adopted a collaborative approach regarding circular economy, discussing  with industrial companies, startups, and other institutions.


We wipe away preconceived ideas! Yes, we offer plant-based products! 100% of the wood fibre used to make our plant-based sponges comes from sustainably managed forests and we prioritize using natural latex for our gloves.

For synthetic materials, we look forward to integrating higher and higher percentage of recycled materials!


We strive to reduce our plastic footprint by removing the last non-recyclable materials such as PVC, redesigning our packaging to the minimum necessary.

Alongside, we study the integration of recycled materials and whenever possible, we substitute plastic by paper or cardboard (from recycled or sustainably managed sources, of course!).



Our industrial sites are subject to a continuous improvement process to reduce their environmental impact. Six of them are ISO 14001 certified (environmental management). We lead energy audits on our energy intensive factories to reduce our Green House Gas emissions, and strive to lower as well waste and water consumption.


We aim to design resistant products with even greater durability and look forward to finding improved end-of life solutions such as recycling programs. Do you know that our wiping sponges & sponge cloth made from 100% cellulose are home compostable!?

2025 Objectives

We support 3 local initiatives to contribute to the development of a responsible latex industry.

ISO 14001 certification of 100% of our industrial sites:
- 30% of Green House Gas emissions*
- 90% of waste sent to landfill*
- 20% of water consumption*
(*Participation to Newell Brands goals from 2016)
+ Reduction of GHGs linked to downstream transport.

100% recyclable packaging.
100% of of paper-based packaging sustainably sourced (from recycled or certified materials)
- 20% of virgin plastic use in our plastic packaging

"Together let's turn our actions into caring actions !"